Hein Jonker started Bike Talk in KwaZulu Natal, January 2006, serving the local motorcycle community through a very popular printed MOTORCYCLE MAGAZINE with some of the most unique and informative features, articles and content you’ll find in such a compact little publication. Our main objectives are to give you the reader a medium you can relate to and enjoy reading, and help you the dealer to promote your products in the most cost-effective way possible.

In February 2013 we decided to go National in South Africa but in Digital Format only; reaching 1000’s more readers than paper can ever do. Since then the magazine has been delivered to readers via Email, Social Networks, Mobile Devices, and Computers in eBook and Digital Flipbook format.

In January 2007 we started a MOTORCYCLE ACADEMY in Durban, to further develop skill and confidence among motorcycle riders, offering a wide selection of On-Road Motorcycle Rider Courses.

To top it all we decided to go one more step, and host various MOTORCYCLE EVENTS to truly introduce the Fun Factor to enthusiasts and the public. This includes Social Rides, Weekend Trips and Tours, Endurance Runs and Motorcycle Competition events.

Support, friendships and partnerships have grown tremendously during this period, and we aim to keep it that way; with you along on the ride it can only get better.


At Bike Talk we strive to educate and inform enthusiasts on the skilled operation of motorcycles, and provide a powerful communications platform by which the lifestyle is introduced to our local market.