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Cayenne World deceives the Public

H2 Launch Alert

Cayenne World deceives the Public
On Tuesday 12th of May, Cayenne World issued the a press release that stated the following:

“The exciting new H2 Kawasaki created quite a stir when it was unveiled on an unsuspecting crowd last weekend at Cayenne World. To date Cayenne has sold 3 of these H2 models, the first unit said to be the very first to be sold to a general customer.

 “All our imported motorcycles are homologated and we are therefore authorised to import new Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki motorcycles in accordance with the NRCS” All motorcycles sold by Cayenne either carry the manufacturer’s warranty or that of Cayenne World’s which has been exhaustively tested,” Craig Langton Sales Director and co-owner of the Cayenne Group. When question about the new Yamaha R1, Craig Langton remarked, “Watch this space”

The truth is that this Kawasaki H2 that Cayenne” launched” was in fact a unit, purchased from an authorised Kawasaki Dealer, and then sold by that customer to Cayenne. It is therefore a blatant misrepresentation to the general public to create the impression that Cayenne imported and sold the first model. Cayenne has not homologated the Kawasaki H2 model and is therefore not entitled to import this model, and if they do, are not legally allowed to sell it, until such time as homologation requirements are met. Lastly, Cayenne offered this so called first unit at a price of R350 000 whereas new units officially imported are available, albeit it in very limited quantity, at R310 000. KMSA Distributors publicly challenge Cayenne to prove us wrong.

In contradiction with the Consumer Protection Act, Cayenne states that imported units are covered either by the Manufacturer’s Warranty or that of Cayenne World. What they are required to say by law is that the Authorised Importer of the product is not required by law to honour the original Manufacturer’s warranty on that product. Then they can give their own assurances. Again, a blatant and direct attempt to mislead the public by obscuring the lines between facts on the on hand and smoke and mirrors on the other.

In the interest of fairness and good business practice, we believe it is time that the public be made aware of these dishonest advertising practices, which are a thinly disguised attempt by Cayenne to lure customers into their retail environment under false pretences . Please inform your staff and prospective customers of this situation. KMSA has informed all motoring press and will continue to monitor the situation.

Released by KMSA

Hein Jonker

Editor & Chief Instructor of Bike Talk SA. Senior Instructor for Honda SA On-Road Academy in KZN & Exhibition Rider for Harley-Davidson SA

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