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K53 – Recommended Manual for the Learner Licence Test in South Africa

Often we are asked which book to buy in order to prepare them for the Motorcycle Learner License Test. We’ve looked at a few and recommend the following book and Smartphone App that will help you in obtaining your Learner License without fail.

book-the-new-official-k53-manual-228x301This book costs about R60 and is available at PNA, CNA and at a long shot, Pick n Pay. It contains all you need to know for your test, including a mock test to check your progress. All road signs, road rules,  and everything about motorcycles need to be studied for the test. Don’t fool yourself in thinking you can cream it without a few hours spent in this book.

You can also buy and download it HERE

The book is available as a Paper Copy or a PDF eBook.

k53-learners-test-mobile-app-250x272Great news for mobile users! There is also a Smartphone App you can purchase for about R37, well worth the spend if you are planning to train and test yourself (friends, family or fleet staff) for the Learner Test.

Good luck with your test. Now you don’t need anyone to hold your hand in preparation for the test, you now have the right tools to go at it yourself.

Once you have your Learner License, don’t become another 50 year old sucker for punishment and let your License expire. Enroll in a K53 Motorcycle License Rider Course and let the experts show you how to pass that dreadful test the first time.

Any questions can be directed to Hein Jonker at Bike Talk, on or by .

Hein Jonker

Editor & Chief Instructor of Bike Talk SA. Senior Instructor for Honda SA On-Road Academy in KZN & Exhibition Rider for Harley-Davidson SA

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